Re: Tapered Secondary Coil

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<< I have tried to wind
 several coils but the turns always collapse unto each other. The problem
 is exacerbated when the coil is inverted. The wire has a tendency to
 just fall off. 

1) The cone needs to be of a plastic material (but not polyethylene).

2) the small end of the cone need to have an end "cap" on in it that extends
somewhat beyond the diameter of the cone at that point.  This is to act as a
stop aginst which first few turns of the wire may press against as you begin
to wind.

3) Begin winding from the small end of the cone (which has the "cap" or
extended flange).

4) Keep the winding fairly tight... this works best on a winding jig of some

5) At the end of each turn (or each few turns if you are more adventurous)
place a small drop of "Krazy glue" or some such similar instant glue and
continue to wind.  [most glues won't stick to polyethylene]. As this dries,
which it does rather quickly, it will hold each preceeding layer tightly to
the conical coil form.  I use this method myself when winding cylinderical
coils to keep the wire tight.  It also laows me to take a break in winding at
almost any point and get something to drink without worying about the winding
loosening up.

Tell me how it works...