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>Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 14:48:07 -0500
>From: RRice43147-at-aol-dot-com
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>Subject: first TC
>Just built my first TC and have a question.
>I built a beer bottle and salt water cap and it
>seems to arc inside the bottles, is this normal
>or could it be to small.I am powering it with a 4000
>volt neon and wanted to check before upping to a
>15000 volt neon.right now i'm getting only 4in.sparks.

By arcing inside bottle do you mean small sparks near the surface of the
liquid? If not then arcing from where to where.
If its just small sparks near the liquid surface then its corona. No harm.
Just wasted power.
I built a cap in beer bottles and had fair success with it. It got me sparking
until I built a flat plate poly cap. The poly cap made a BIG difference.
Mike Hammer