It's alive!

Will someone please tell me what i have built!
it started out as a TC
Primary 12"- 6 turns of #6 wire
secondary 4" pvc- 1300 turns #26 wire
                 coated with 4 coats polyurethane
pwr'ed by 4000k neon
cap...15beer bottle/salt water.
It started up ok but had disappointing 3-4" sparks.
I then changed to a bigger primary of 8 turns about 
an .5 inch apart.
same results, after sitting in the cold garage for a couple
of days, it transformed into i dont know what! If it is
still a TC it needs serious help! Now 6in sparks jump from
the primary to the secondary, the torrid has a ring of corrona
2-3in all the way around middle (I used 2 salad bowls)
could it just be the dampness(it been raining).Or should I
kill it! ( my wife has named it "Franki")..
Maybe I need a new hobby