Re: ribbon vs. tubing

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>Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 22:02:12 -0700 (MST)
>From: Chip Atkinson <chip-at-poodle.pupman-dot-com>
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>Subject: ribbon vs. tubing
>I have started making my next coil.  It will be a 6" model, certainly
>bigger than my garage :-)
>I have been thinking about the primary and had a question.  I realized
>that the flashing that I use for capacitors comes in 4 or 6 inch widths.
>It is significantly cheaper than copper tubing, and I was wondering if I
>used ribbon of this flashing that had the same surface area as a tube of
>the proper diameter (say 1/2") if it would have the same current carrying
>capabilities and would work as well.  
>I'm up for the experiment if no one knows, but I'd hate to just waste the
>money if someone has tried it before.
        I have heard that the ribbon is the best primary because of it's
surface area. I have a 40' roll of 3" copper ribbon I plan to use soon.
I have heard some advantages/disadvanteges. The primary diameter can be
made smaller with ribbon instead of tubing and a primary form would
seem easier to make for the ribbon. A disadvantage is that the edges of
the ribbon would have to be made as smooth as possible to prevent corona
points. Also, I have had a hard time picturing how to tap-in (tune). I
guess from the bottom. I have even thought of having a ribbon expand out
from the center as a saucer shaped primary, much thought on the form of
this one, but think of the field effect! I don't know, probably the flat
(archemedian) primary may be best with ribbon. I say go for it!!!