Re: Vacume tube TC

Someone also pointed out, Ed, you can strip secondaries off power
transformers which may be lying about in one's junk box and wind up a
stiff secondary which will work just fine for those 304TLs.  There have
been several articles in such publications as Electric Radio magazine on
doing just that.  What you do is, wrap one turn of say #14 wire around
the primary, shunt it with a one ohm resistor, as I recall, and measure
the voltage across the resistor.  It will be in the vicinity of one
volt.  That gives you the volts/turn ratio.  Use heavier wire to carry
heavier current.  A 10A 10V filament transformer will need probably 9-12
turns, and can easily be centertapped.  Use electrical tape or waxed
paper between layers of turns, wrap finished winding with electrical
tape, and Voila!

Good luck!

Stephen  KJ6LH