Re: Measuring neon transformer current rating

>Hi all..  I have a neon sign transformer that I got a while ago. It seems to
>work fine (I've been running a jacobs ladder off it occasionally) and I'd
>like to use it in a TC system, but it doesen't have a plate on it, and I
>have no idea how much current it puts out. 
> Is there any good way to measure it's current rating ?
>It's pretty large (23cm x 10cm x 14cm) with 4cm long, 3.5cm dia ceramic
>insulators on the ends - anyone have a similarly sized neon & could
>hazard a guess ?
>I'm planning on running with a 0.009ufd cap off it.

My neons measure:

	25cm by 14cm by 17cm:	15kV 60ma.

	23cm by 13cm by 10.5cm:	15kV 30ma

Looks like a 12-15kV 30ma. neon. ???