Re: CP Cap Received

      You wrote....

> Bert, just received my new CP cap, shipped in replacement for the
> one we destroyed.  It is identical in appearance and rating, with
> the exception of the diameter of the terminal studs.  These are the
> smaller "standard" size, not the larger diameter ones that Scotty
> had negotiated for the group buy.  If nothing else, they serve to
> identify the unit from the potentially-defective group buy units.
> I thought you'd like to know that CP delivered on their warranty promises!

Please keep us posted on this. I shipped my units back surface mail a 
week ago so it will be about another 5 or so before the factory gets 
them. It is probable that only one will show signs of defects but I 
have specified that they test them at full rated voltage, 120 PPS into
a 10uH inductance for at least 3 runs of 2 minutes per run. I also 
asked them to run even more rigorous tests if they have such 
procedures. I'll be very surprised if such testing doesn't show any 
weaknesses up.
    In the end, pragmatism prevailed. I had to send them back or risk 
losing a huge amount of money.