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> Subject: Frequency calculations
> All,
> There was a Tesla Math Formulary published on this list on 8-10-95 - courtesy
> of Richard Quick I believe.  I was doing some calculations last night on my
> new small coil and found a problem with equation # 6: Frequency of Coil.  The
> formula given is: F=300,000 / T x W x pi x (.9144 / 36) x 4  where f =
> frequency of the coil in khz, T = number of turns, W = width of the coil in
> inches.
> Using this formula, I get a number quite a bit lower (like 40 or 5% lower)
> than I get using wheelers equation, caclulating the self capacitance then
> calculating the resonate frequency .  I have measured the inductance of my
> present coil and the self capacitance and the frequency and know these other
> methods work as they should.
> Has anyone else tried using this formula?
> Ed Sonderman

	In Foster's book on elctromagnetics I use the formulae
designed for circular pole antanae. And, Brent turner uses the
same formula in his book. But It's probably a good idea to calculate
your coils parameters ten ways from sunday. Sorry, I have not 
used the "Richard Q." equation.

 (1*10^9)    (Fr*d)        = Nt

 h = height of coil
 d = diameter of coil
Fr = Frequency your shooting for
Nt = Number of turns

Hope this helps.
D. Gowin