Re: TC Electrostatics (fwd)

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> True, if you believe that rectification is the culprit here.  I however, do not.
> Richard Hull's explanation of the damped sinusoid's DC component is more likely, IMO.
> Flipping the primary phasing should change the induced polarity if this is correct.
> So far, R. Hull says that it does, and R. Wall says that it does not.
> -GL


As I mentioned in the other post.  Richard Wall appears correct.  I went 
back to my lab notes and yes, I flipped the leads to the primary of tbe 
AC system on August 15th 1996 and got a positive reading, though much 
more reduced.  It was hot and muggey in the lab that day.  I have never 
seen a positive indication out of the systems other than on that 
occasion!  Go figure.  I haven't a clue!!!!!!!

Does the earth have happy and sad days!  Happy ions (negative), ground 
sourced, most of the time, but mean ole postive ground supplied ions on 
rare occassions!  I think not!

Richard Hull, TCBOR