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> Tesla list wrote:
> >Nick,
> >Check out "http://www.lightwriters-dot-com/nw/" Lightwriters neonware
> >has an online catalog. They want $53.80 plus $10 for shipping
> >and handling for a 15 KV 30 Ma, Transco Poly-Lok. They accept
> >credit cards and ship same day. They have all kinds of transformers
> >including those 15 KV 120 Ma kind. They also have 24 KV bombarder
> >transformers that have hugh current ratings, but they want $2,000
> >for one of these.
> >For my coil, I thought a bank of these would be expensive, thats
> >why I bought a pole pig. Maybe I should count my blessings.
> All,
> Beware of low priced neon sign 'transformers'.  Make sure you are
> not being quoted on one of the newfangled hi-frequency switching
> type supplies that are starting to replace real 60 Hz iron transformers in
> sign service.  I haven't had a chance to play with one of these
> hi-freq supplies yet, but would like to do so to evaluate their
> potential (great pun) for exciting a plasma display.
> If not sure check the shipping weight, the solid state packs don't
> weigh 30+ pounds.
> Regards, rwstephens

Mr. Stevens and all,

	Jacob Fishman, of Lightwriters Technologies, has informed
me that the supplies your referring to are the DC type that usually
run on 12 VDC. And some 120 VAC types use simulair type circuitry. He
also told me that most of these devices, only do about 20-26 Ma. His
units are the traditional neon transformers we all love. The reason 
for his low prices are due to that fact he's traditionally a 
wholesaler. That provides products and services to the neon sign
industry. If in doubt, ask when ordering from Lightwriters.

	Now it is probable that the semiconductor industry could
start making semicoductors that will do 15 KV at 120 Ma in a small
package. But for right now the trusty old transformer still has more
bang for the buck. The 20-26 Ma units and some 30 Ma units, are 
popular for use on the new neon sign craze out west. Neon for your 

	But I can see that testing is needed. Ray-A-Lite in Pheonix
AZ, carries the type your referring to. Ask for George Rutledge at
(602)352-1701. He has some of the solid state type for your car. He 
also carries the 120 VAC Input type also. The SignLiter 6 is 6 KV at 
26 Ma and the SighLiter 9 is 9 KV at 26 Ma. But I don't know if these
devices are solid state or not. According to George the solid state
high freq. ones need to be powered by a DC power source. For example he
has some low voltage units that are controled by a 120 VAC to 16 VDC 
power supply. This supply can power up to ten different neon signs 
with solid state power supplies. Have George fax you his product
selection guide. You'll get a better Idea.

D. Gowin