Re: TC primary wiring

Tesla List wrote:
> Big Snip
> >
> > Mr. Hull,
> >         Could  I get a response from you on this subject sir? You
> > seam to be one of the resident coilers here. If proper load ratings
> > are applied correctly, what kind of longevity will a pole pig
> > enjoy?  And, is it possible for RF to break down the oil in a pole
> > pig?  From what I understand, the reason for the neons demise is that
> > the heavy RF breaks down the grease within the neon case and causes
> > arcing between the windings.
> >
> > D. Gowin
> D.,
> I have never heard of a coiler blowing up a pole pig!  Nuff said!
> A pole pig can easily blow up a coiler, however.  These items are very
> dangerous and it worries me mightily that many rank novices are trying to
> acquire these things.  I believe we will yet see a death from this "rush
> to power".  Yes, it could even be me.  Conferred degrees, years of
> experience and long time utilization will not warrant one proof against
> accidental destruction by one of these monsters.
> You could also be hit by a bus though.
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

	I agree, even with my little 10 Amp breaker attached to my
pig, I'm still plenty nervous. But I can say it was'nt easy to get the
pig I have now and the cost was pretty high. But just remember, Its
easier to get a gun on the streets of Chicago, and they definitely

D. Gowin