TC primary wiring

I hope this is not a stupid question, but I was pondering the other day how I
might save the windings of a neon sign transformer from getting the full 
back lash from the primary.  This problem seems to get worse when the quench
time of the spark gap is shortened.

The wiring of most TC primary circuits has the spark gap across the transformer 
and the capacitor in series with the primary.   Why not swap the spark gap for
the capacitor so the capacitor is across the HV transformer output, and spark gap
in series with the TC primary.  This way the high RF voltage generated by the 
TC primary will be isolated from the HV transformer output when spark gap is

Perhaps all this is of no consiquence if you have good RF chokes.

I have tried this both ways on my coil and it has no effect on the spark length.

Julian Green