Re: Primary Tune Found

Hi Chuck,
           That system of yours sounds like it might be a winner. On 
the sparking braid...

> RG-213 is 30' long and is then connected to my filter board at the pole
> pig.  O.K., what I did was strip back and had about 12" of the coax
> ground braid laying out from each high voltage lead and the two ground
> braids were laying against each other, but not connected to anything.  I
> figured since the other end was clearly tied to ground, why do it
> again.  The majority of the 12" was laying on the driveway.  These two
> ground leads were arcing, one to the other, with about a 1/2" diameter
> ball of blue light.  No noise was heard and no damage detected, but it
> was a surprise.  

Interesting how what is an insignificant impedance at 60Hz becomes a
lot more significant with high frequencies floating around.