Pole Pig position

Hi all,

I am getting to the design of the "structure" of my system and I have 
decided to mount the whole system on two "pallet" type boxes with the 
control panel and pig in one "box" and the caps,rotary,etc in a second 
(with the coil mounted on top) and the two pallets connected with 30 feet 
of cable.  This config would allow me an easy way to haul it around in my 


Seems like a "normal" layout, but my question is this:  Can I mount the 
pole pig laying on its side?  I have a 5KVA pig and I know it's filled 
with oil, however I can hear that it is not full (expansion room with 
air?).  If the oil is there for cooling and moisture exclusion I would 
think it maybe OK to lay it on it's side, but if its main function is for 
insulation, having the windings stick out of the oil might not be the way 
to go.  Laying the pig on it's side would make for a much better layout.

Any comments regarding the basic layout and/or position of the xformer 
would be appreciated.

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