Re: Small Neon Transformer??

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> Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 21:26:20 -0500
> From: Tedd Payne <paynet-at-interaccess-dot-com>
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> Subject: Small Neon Transformer??
> I recently got 2 small transformers which are similar except on 2 points.
> Each is about the size of my fist and has 2 winding sections.  The secondary
> section appears about twice the size of the primary.  Both sections appear
> to be wound on a single long narrow stack of laminations which runs parallel
> to the length of the transformer, and "in the middle" of the transformer.
> Primary resistance readings are about 25 Ohms.
> Secondary resistance reading is about 8K Ohms.  Does this seem normal??
> Secondary resistance reading is about 50 Ohms.  Does this seem normal??
> Has a third/middle wire lead on the primary and also on the secondary, and
> these "extra" leads seem to be connected to each other, but not to the
> primary or secondary windings.  What's the purpose of these "extra" leads?
> At least one of these "extra" leads was originally connected to a 300V/2uF
> cap; could this be for power factor correction?
> Could these be 3KV neon transformers?  If so, what would a typical current
> rating be for them?
> Has anyone tried building a "mini" Tesla coil from such a transformer?
> Thanks for any info!
> Tedd
			Yes, I have built a very small tesla coil from a 3,000 volt 30ma. 
neon transformer that is similar in size to what you described. The 
secondary is about 4 inches tall, is cone shaped, and wound with 106 
feet of 30 ga. wire. Capacitance is 2500pf. from five 500 pf. 20,000 
volt doorknob caps.  The resonant frequency is about 1.2 Mhz. I get 
about 3 inch sparks when the gap is working properly.The gap is just a 
simple static gap with acorn nuts and doesn't fire very well with 
3,000 volts.
Dave Euans