Re: Addendum-DC Tesla

I'm sure I'm not the only one to notice this, but...;)

>> Sure it's rectification due to dissimilar electrodes.  You can
>> charge a capacitor with DC from a spark coil if you use such
>> electodes, for example a disk and a needle, and play with spark
>> length.  I think that's why you get the "jolts" off the TC.  When
>> the fatter and continuous sparks occur I think there's enough
>> ionization present to nullify any significant rectification.  I
>> get plenty jolts even off my little coil run from 12 V ignition
>> COIL!

>I really doubt if dissimilar metal make a difference.  My experiments all
>use aluminum-aluminum!  I have nevr used dissimilar metals in my DC work
>to avoid just such a suggestion.

Sounds more like dissimilar *shapes* to me. ;)

So, does the shape difference in the electrodes rectify because of damping
of the pulse vs. ability of the disk-electrode to discharge, or is it something
else? I would like to know more about this phenomenon anyway. And as far as
Ion-charge around the toroid is concerned, that sounds like a compression wave
is forming because of exponential decay of the output. No matter what, there's
going to be a residual charge, right? And this is added to with every pulse
is it not? Just guessing though...;)

Dan Kline  <ntesla1-at-vm.sc.edu>