Re: Safety FAQ is here -- draft, asking for comments.

Richard (WW) wrote....

> >> wallop of 30hz (i.e. pulse rep rate) energy.  I think it definitely 
> >> could be very dangerous since I get a jolt just from leakage when 
> >> standing near the coil and touching ground.
> >
> >I included a warning to this effect in my EW&WW article.
> >
> >Malcolm
> Malcom,
> EW&WW article?  What and where?

The British magazine "Electronics World & Wireless World". I posted 
some errata on this article to the list awhile back. If you want it
I could post again or offlist. Actually that post is probably on ftp 
     I just wanted to add a little note also: The coil operation 
described therein describes what I'm now calling "mode 1" - sparks
and arcs are issued a la the break rate. I call the type of operation 
Richard Hull recently described (several bolts/megabreak rate) "mode 
2" operation (pretty close to real lightning). I'd be interested to
know whether others think this is a tenable classification. I've had
a close look at Richard Hull's Nemesis in action in the Nat 
Geographic article. You can see the lightning-like discharges alright.
The sticking point about a possible operational classification that I
can't judge from that photo is the arc duration. For example, I'd say 
that Richard Quick's coil as shown on his video to be operating in 
mode 1.

Ideas/flames welcomed,