1/r attenuation

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I did some reading on radio-theory (ground-waves) and yes, they do have
1/r attenuation with limitations. The book (finnish)  has graphs of
measurements on different frequencies and roughly the attenuation is 1/r
up to 10000km with 10kHz and only up to 10km with 200kHz - after this
distance the attenuation will change to greater - the measurent used 1kW
transmitter with vertical antenna. With 10kHz at 1km field-strengt 5E5
uV/m and at 1000km 4E2 uV/m. All values from graph that has distance as
x-axis and attenuation and field-strength at y-axis, semi-dry earth. All
the graphs for sea-water, moist earth, semi-dry earth as medium for waves
were quite similar at low-frequencies but the attenuation at higher
frequencies got a lot smaller when conductance was greater - 1/r up to
100km with 1Mhz and about 300km with 200kHz. 

The book mentiones that the first part of the attenuation graph is
according to Van Der Pol -law and the rest according to Fock&Wait -theory.
There's also lots of mathematics about calculation of these things. 

The chapter on this subject lists following references:

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The book where the information above is present is "Radioaaltojen
eteneminen" (Finnish, translates to "Propagation of RF waves"), written
by I.V. Lindell.

I hope this helps someone out there,

  Kristian Ukkonen.

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