Re: More Tuning/Debugging Next

Hi Chuck,
          You wrote...

> 1.) I lengthened the main secondary ground, it was about 6' now it is
> 11'--the entire length is 1' wide .015" solid copper strap.  Out of a
> dead IMB mainframe!
> 2.)     I terminated the end of the secondary with a short piece of the
> same 1" copper strap and now I have a place on the toroid that it slips
> into--I had that hot spot one week ago.
> 3.) The spark gap was physically move a small amount, one press fit
> copper cpnnection was soldered and all other retightened.
> 4.) My moveable primary tap lead was shortened by about 10", so now it
> is a nice clean run up to what "used to be" a reasonable tap
> point--maybe not the best, I hadn't found out yet, but sure a whole lot
> better than what I got Sunday night.
> 5.) I actually used a buffing pad and polished the primary--too much
> idle time I guess.

I'd cast a jaundiced eye at the primary tap lead and possibly the 
ground strap.