Re: Safety FAQ is here -- draft, asking for comments.

Tesla List wrote:
> >From rwstephens-at-ptbo.igs-dot-netThu Aug  8 10:57:03 1996
> Admittedly, when the wind is a blowin', the ion cloud around the
> toroid is not a collectin'.
> I merely wish to say that I think more research is needed here
> before we can really understand what is happening around the top end.
> As for your laudable attempt to create a performance category by merely
> observing the discharge, this may not be so easy as first imagined.
> Standardization system or not however, I'm sure no one would object
> to having their system performance classed as #1! ;-)
> Even if we don't come to understand the science (although I'm sure we
> will), just getting to the point of throwing long, white hot
> lightning bolts is a definitely neat level to achieve.
> Regards ,rwstephens.

 I have photographs of my 720va coil exhibiting just this phenomenon
when operating in a very light breeze. I have never been able to tie the
jagged sparks directly to the break rate bacause I don't know how to
make  a measurement. I estimate the length of the "steps" in the spark
to be 2" to 3". One thought is that the spark is actually growing in
length from the bottom which is eminating from the toroid rather than  
growing from the tip of the spark thru conduction of current in the
spark itself. I would be interested in other comments on this subject.