Mail problems? (Admin, read if you posted recently)


I believe that there is some sort of mail problem with my ISP because the 
mail volume has dropped and at least one person has sent stuff that never 
appeared (and I never got it).

If you have posted a message since last weekend, please do the following:

mail to chip-at-pupman-dot-com and chip-at-objinc-dot-com

If you get any bounces from either of the two addresses, send a copy of 
the bounce to the other one.

I will reply to all messages for a couple days so if you don't get a 
reply, mail to the other address.

NOTE: I will be at the objinc-dot-com address  Wednesday (tomorrow) during 
the day.  I won't be there Thurs. or Fri. (Vacation).

I apologize for any inconvenience and will do what I can to fix the
problem or get it fixed.