Re: Results vs coil size

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 I've seen the photo of your coil Ed. Have you thought about using a 
 terminal with a much larger radius of curvature? (Note : this is NOT 
 defined by the major toroid diameter but by the tube diameter).
 Malcolm  >>


I have built three toroids so far.  The first was 14" in dia. and about 5"
thick, made from styrofoam.  The next one was 33" in dia. and made from 6"
dia corrugated plastic drain pipe.  The one I am currently using is 40" in
dia. and also 6" in dia.  I did try laying the 33" toroid on top of the 40"
one time.  I did not notice much difference in performance but I am not
entirely sure that I got the system retuned properly.

Do you think a toroid of the same capacitance only twice as thick would
perform better?  Looking at my notes, I show the actual diameter to be 5" and
the capacitance to be about 38 pf.

Ed Sonderman