Re: 3/4 wavelength error

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Skip responds to suggestion larger coil diameters make larger sparks--

> Ed and all,
> I would be interested to know your reasoning regarding being able to get
> larger sparks by going to a larger diameter coil. Is this a seat of the
> pants thing? Actually this is what I have seen in practice and I would
> really like to determine the limit if it exists. Every time I increase
> diameter the discharge length goes up!
> Thanks for any comments
> Skip


The only reason longer sparks are afforded by larger diameter coils is 
that they have much more inductance!  with the jump from 4" diameter to 
10" diameter, the inductance jump per foot of winding really leaps into 
the stratosphere!  Again, it is inductance in the resonator that drives 
spark length.  To make it happen effeciently, a lot of thoughtful and 
knowledgable shepherding of system components is needed.  This includes 
proper loading, power balancing, and gap construction. (the art of 

Richard Hull, TCBOR