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> Date: Tue, 27 Aug 96 20:00 EDT
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> Subject: Beating Solved

Big Snip

> Here is what I believe may have been the problem:
> The cap I was using reads .01 at 30KVDC. It's casing
> is hard white ceramic. It is 6.5 inches long, 1 inch in
> diameter and has studs less than .125 inch diameter.
> My theory is that since it got so hot so quick always
> that the dielectric is not at all suited for TC application
> and that its role in life was a a filter type capacitor
> and that it hated life while it was in my system. Because....
> (Here is the great news....................)
> My CP caps came in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> I hooked the .01 CP cap up to my system and it was
> the difference between tiddly winks and discus throwing!!
> I have achieved my longest sparks to date 14" from this
> system. Still with all 6 gaps employed, all the sputtering
> went away. This cap has balls. I even added more torroid
> to it and beside the long spark, I have leakge from the lower
> torroid. All the difference in the world. I know with your
> great achievements that 14" sparks is no feat, but for me
> I had a great moment of achievment!!!
> Thanks all again for comments,
> Bob Schumann


Wow!  You have been using a .01ufd Mylar!!!!!

That will always be a problem!

The following is for all new coilers:

Let's say this one last time!

All- Repeat all- wonderful caps which are in the ideal Tesla coiler range 
(.001-.1ufd -at- 5-30KVDC), that you obtain (most often at hamfests and 
surplus stores) which are in GLASS or WHITE CERAMIC and have metal end 
caps with solder seals and threaded studs, having the geometry of a long 
cylinder with dimensions of no more than 1.5" diameter and a few inches 
long, ARE DEFINITELY MYLARS!  They are DC filters only!  The glass caps 
are most often RED other colors I have seen are GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW.  
These must not be used in Tesla service without a blast shield!  The fact 
that they get hot is a sure indicator that they are mylar.

You have seen what a difference the big ugly monster from CP can do with 
the proper dielectric.  All should learn from this.  A small 
glass/ceramic cap just can't do what the big poly caps can do.

Richard Hull, TCBOR