Re: Puncture Voltage.

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> Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 10:10:37 -0500 (CDT)
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> Subject: Puncture Voltage.
> Hi,
>         Thanks to everyone who replied to my question on the glass window
>         cap puncture voltage. Many of you recomended using a salt water
>         bottle cap, i did use once on of them, it was my first Tesla Coil
>         i got it out from a book by Geroge Triankus, but i found that
>         theres to much loss of power and only got an 1" spark from a
>         7500, 30ma neon transformer. Also there was another replie on using
>         zip-lock bags, i'll probably go with this idea, the materials are
>         easy to find and cheap.
>         By the way when you buy polyurethane from a plastics dealer
>         ? Does it come in rolls or sheets ???
>         O and Mr. Richard Hull got any videos on how to build poly caps?
>         Thanks
>                                                 Sincerely
>                                                 Jorge Fuentes
>                                         al263636-at-academ02.sal.itesm.mx


Yes, Video report Tape #3 is our classic rolled cap tape.  Completely 
detailed. Plus lotsa' other Tesla stuff. too. ($20.00 postpaid)  We have 
another tape that gives complete info about how to build a flat plate 
capacitor with poly sheets as well.

A catalog may be had for $3.00 refundable with first order.

Make all checks payable to :  Richard Hull

7103 Hermitage Road
Richmond, Va 23228