EMF Problems?

TL>To All,

TL>My cousin, who recently has gone through bone marrow transplant for
TL>blood cancer, was asking me if being in an intence rf field around
TL>large Tesla coils
TL>could cause any harm?  I said that I never even thought about it. I
TL>am not refering to XRAY or light emissions. Does anyone out there
TL>know about the effects of RF fields and the human body?

TL>Kevin M. Conkey


most coils operate at LF which means that the operating wavelengths are 
very long ( 100kHz having a wavelength of 3000m). The near field of an 
antenna at this frequency, given by lambda/2*pi is approx 500m so the 
fields that someone experiences are high electric fields.

There is little or no information available re the effects of these so 
called induction fields on the human body. Most studies are for higher 
frequencies whereby the structure of the human body is such that its 
dimensions approach a wavelength (e.g. the human eye).  There is a lot 
of concern regarding PCN devices such as cellphones and there are no 
definitive studies.

Electronics and Wireless World has run a series of articles on power 
line frequency effects; the conclusion is inconclusive. The Swedes are 
doing a lot of studies; it is known that high E field gradients can 
cause migration of chemicals within cells but the effect has been seen 
in Petri dishes, not people.

We don't want to confuse the effects of sticking your head inside a 
microwave oven with the possible effects due to LF fields and I say that 
the mechanisms of damage will be different if they exist, but no one has 
much of an idea really.

Richard Craven