Re: H2 thyratron

Richard Hull wrote:
> Any one have the pin out/data on the ITT brand 5C22 tube?
> I hope that noise I hear is the scurrying of little feet off to look
> through those old industrial and specialty tube books!
> I would appreciate it mightily if someone could help me out as these
> should be ideal for some pulsed HV experiments I have planned.

Here's some general specifications for the 5C22:

Peak fwd anode voltage - 16kV
Peak anode current - 325A
Average anode current - 200mA
Anode heating factor - 3.2 e9
Peak output power - 2.0 MW

Heater Voltage - 6.3VAC
Heater current(max) - 11.6AAC
Tube heating time - 3 minutes

Grid Drive (min) - 200V
Grid pulse duration (min) - 2uS
max grid impedance - 500 ohms

Critical anode voltage for conduction - 1kV max


1 - Grid
2 - Heater, Cathode
3 - Heater
4 - Cathode

Top cap - anode

Hydrogen reservoir internally connected to heater terminals
This tube does not appreciate reverse conduction. (anode ablation)

happy hunting, GL