Re: Primary tubing

Copper work hardens, but can be softened again by heating.  Once it's hot
(nearly glowing) you can quench it with water and it'll remain soft.
Unlike steel, quenching copper doesn't cause it to harden.

Of course, if you don't put the hardened copper coil/ribbon into a 
compact form such as a spiral, you'll have a devil of a time heating 
the whole thing up enough!


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> Subject: Primary tubing
> Hi All,
> I was pondering on the building of my new primary coil that is being made out
> of 1" dia soft copper tubing. I thought I could save space by flattening the
> tubing first, possibly using 2 rollers and a crank of some sort. 
> Does anyone see a problem with this idea, before I flatten my Cu investment?
> Kevin M. Conkey