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>>Subject: Re: New to the group
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>Subject: Re: New to the group
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>>Hi all, 
>>        I'm new to tesla coil building. I would like to start my first coil
>>but I living in a small town with limited resources. I have checked all the
>>local stores and can find almost all that is needed for a first coil. The two
>>concerns that I have are the driver and HV transformer. First, does each
>>driver need to be custom built for each coil? or can on driver controll
>>several different coils. If one driver can controll several different coils
>>where can I get plans for one that will last.  Second where are the best
>>places you have found to buy transformers? I am like many colledge students
>>w/ more time than money and want to get all the building correct the first
>>time. Thanks in advance for any imput and or suggestions. 
>>Nathan Howard   
>>Do you intend to build a tube or solid state coil?  If not, I'm not sure 
>>what you mean by driver.
>>The Richards both suggest going to neon sign shops and going through 
>>their "trash" heap of dead neons.  Perhaps one of them can elaborate.
>Chip, and All
>Thanks for the input. The coil plans I have are for a solid state DC powered
>coil w/ a 25V .5A power supply. (wimpy coil) What are the advantages of
>using tube coil in comparison to a solid state? I would prefer to build
>which ever one is the most forgiving. There is a lot of discussion on "
>rotary gaps ". What are these exactly? They sound like the distributer cap
>and rotor in a car. Is this correct ?, and where could I get alternate coil
>plans on the net? I have driven the local book stores nuts trying to find
>info. on TC's.  
>Nathan Howard
>If it jams, force it. If it breaks. it needed replacing anyway.
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	The International Tesla Society (ITS)has a cataolog full of 
books on Tesla Coils, Nikola himself, and all types of things about
science. They also hold symposiums once a year in Colorado Springs,
Colorado. Many of my friends from NASA, JPL, and even Bill Wysock
attend. A yearly subscription with catalog to boot is $30.00. Their
last symposium was in July. They had a good brief about the life forms
on Mars and some JPL guys had a good discussion about how to Terra Form 
Mars. Bill Wysock usely fires up some big Mega Volt coils.

International Tesla Society
P.O. Box 5636
Colorado Springs, CO 80931
E-Mail: USA-Tesla-at-USA-dot-net

For your information the ITS runs the Tesla museum in Colorado Springs. The
U.S. Airforce and other professional Associations support the museum
as a non-profit organization.

The Tesla Coil Builders Association also has
a magazine. I don't know that much about it though.

Brent Turner has a good book also. You'll find it
in the ITS catalog. Or you can contact him
directly by E-Mail: "bturner-at-apc-dot-net". Brent`s book
covers three generations of Tesla coils, from the
traditional Spark Gap design, Vacuum tubes, and
of course Solid State coils. 

P.S.:	Rotary spark gaps are used for High energy
	Spark gap coils. The spark gap is used as 
	part of the oscillator in this design. This 
	is for ->NON<- Vacuum Tube designs. Get a book 
	before you burn hardware.

D. Gowin