New to group.

Hi I am new to the group.
Logged on to check my mail and was happy to be flooded with 35+ messages. I
will have to sit back and read them all before I ask a question that may
have already been answered.
I am new to Tesla coils, especially building them. I am actually trying to
track down some early models like those uesed in schools and university's
earlier this century for a private collection / museum. Does anyone out
there have any suggestions?
Also I would like to build a coil (a small one to begin with - < 30V input).
Are there any plans around for such a thing? I have a catalogue from
Information Unlimited (US Company) that retails a small coil (kit form) for
~US299. Perhaps I could build one cheaper than this? I am not very good at
wood / metal work so I would like to start with something simple.
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