RE: "Astro-Coil P1"

Hello all,

Man or Astro-man? has returned from it's west coast tour,
 and the "Astro-Coil P1" has made it back to the lab in one piece!
The coil topped of the show over 20 nights in a row, with only a few exceptions.
Output/performance was reliable, with only a few problems.

1.Lifting the unit in/out of the trailer while in case. (Ugg)
2.RF interferance problems as suspected
     a.noticeable noise in most PA systems
         - One damaged mixing board, although it was evidently giving
          the club problems for week, perhaps RF pushed over it the
           edge, perhaps not.
     b.signif. amounts of interferance with club lighting controller
         - I assume the stray RF was causing the scr's in the controller
           boards to activate the lights...even with all faders off.
         - 12 channels of lights on one controller unit evedently damaged,
           but here again, club love to blame anything for failure of their

Other than that...all went great!  Actually, the two damaged pieces of
equipment happend on the last two nights of the tour, one in Atlanta, and
one in Athens GA.

I purchased some additional RF filters while at APEX in Los Angeles...I
picked up 6 units that each handle 40amps (these unit are quite sizeable),
and 2 that handle 60amps (even bigger!)

QUESTION: since these are meant to filter RF from the source line before
going to some devive...do I need to run them backwards since the device
(coil) is the source of the RF..or will it still work as intended?

I also picked up the following capacitors:
2mfd 10kv  (two of these)
1.6mfd 36Kv (one of these)
These appear to be from power line equipment...can they handle pulse use,
as in tesla coils?  and what about direct shorting (for use in various cap.
discharge projects)?...

Ok... well the coil will be going up the east coast..leaving on sept.4
if interested in seeing when/where it will be..you can find the tour dates
for Man or Astro-man? at http://www.astroman-dot-com   go to the SHOWS section.
And if you can attend, just let me know..I can get you on the guest list
(free entry), and would love to meet fellow coil builders.

Robert DelBBueno