Re: Safety FAQ is here -- draft, asking for comments.

Was the oddest thing. As I was reading the note- TV Olympics anouncer 
started talking about guy on crew team almost electrocuted with 30kV.

Anyway, my understanding about electrocution potential of AC vs. 
frequency is that just as the human ear cannot hear much beyond 18khz, 
neither can the body respond in much of any other way than sensing 
heat dissipated at those frequencies.  Reason for both insensitivities 
is supposed to be inherent slowness of nerves beyond these freqencies.

I've demonstrated this pretty well with flyback transformer and short 
pulse at a variable rep rate.  When I've adjusted pot beyond where my 
ear could hear mechanical vibration frequency, have only gotten skin 
burns.  Below that shock seems to get worse, although I'm not sure if 
its inversely linear with frequency.