Re: 3/4 wavelength secondaries

> > This is probably a real dumb one, but what the hey.
> > Has anyone made a straight wire resonator, or maybe one big single
> > turn? There must be a half mile of electric fence around someplace.
> > Of course the opposite would be true if we transmitted wireless power,
> > a half-wave bridge might look pretty neat in the dark.
> >
> > I disavow any knowledge of my actions.
> > dave huffman
> Dave
> I think you will find that the Corums builty a uhf/microwave unit in
> which the secondary was a straight piece of wire. It made sparks too.
> Skip

The prototypal vacuum tube tesla coil articl in Physical Review in the 
1930's described UCSF's 1Mev xray machine which used a few turns 
resonated to around 7mhz and excited with several hundred kW.  Was in 
a vacuum and coil was pipe so inside was water cooled.  End of coil 
served as X-ray anode.

At some point I will put together my Tesla biblio. again since it 
never went thru several months ago. It has this article and a bunch of 
other interesting stuff from prof. jounals.   Rob.