Re: Radius of curvature and misc ramblings

David and others,

I have a friend who makes fibreglass items for a living. He has several
moulds for toroids. Is it possible to use a fibreglass toriod and cover it
with say aluminium kitchen foil? If there is any way to make use of these
please let me know. I am going to build a new TC from scratch thanks to the
help of one of our resident experts, Malcom Watts. If I can use the
fibreglass toroid I will have to design the new system to suit the toroid.
One of the moulds is 8" diameter of the hollow section. What is the ideal
TOTAL diameter of an 8" toroid?

Paul Millott

>Hello all,
> Well, I'v been messing around with toroids and just recently built a 6"
>x 20" one. That's the first 6" one I'v used. All my others are 4"
>diameter alluminum dryer duct, ranging from 12" to 22".
> So, now I am wondering if there is such a thing as 8" diameter
>alluminum dryer duct?
>David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>