Re: Coil form

> Because LDPE has such outstandingly loss RF losses, virtually any
> thickness should work just fine and should maximize the Q of any coil
> wound on it. Other than being somewhat heavy, the coil should be an
> outstanding performer with no pretreatment required. The only problem
> this material has is that no glue/adhesive sticks to it very well,
> making attachment of coil form ends a little bit more difficult. 
> Does anyone know if we use this material in the USA?? I've seen smaller
> (1"  diameter around but nothing this size...
> -- Bert --

I've found it in 6" sizes at a large plumbing supply in Dayton.  It is also
used for mortar tubes for large fireworks, probably with a thicker wall 
wall though.  

-Mike McCarty