Re: Polepig use...

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>Subject: Polepig use...
>Hi Ed (all).
>This is mostly to Ed Sonderman, but anyone who have some good input 
>might write as well.
>Seems to me that You(Ed) and i have quite similar coils and just wondered 
>how you have setup the polepig you're using. I soon have two or more "pigs"
> in my posession. 

FTP over to my site: ftp.bdt-dot-com/home/jim.fosse and look at
ballast.jpg, it shows 2 methods of ballasting a pole pig.

>Also when you(American and other 110V countries) people say you use 
>220V where do you get it from?
In the U.S., homes are wired with 220V center taped. This is an
average voltage, it varies from 220 to 240 depending on the location.
The center tap is grounded. Most of the house wiring is from one side
or the other to ground. High current devices (heaters of various
sorts) are connected to the full 220V. It's single phase.