Re: First Power Up Test

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 First, characterize your secondary in-place, with toroid on.  That is, 
 find its frequency of resonance while in the primary system.  Next, tune 
 or tap the primary to that frequency and use a small grounded rod to tune 
 the system by firing it at reduced power until the sparks hit the 
 grounded rod.  Note the variac position when strike occurs.  Now move out 
 one turn on the primary tap point.  Next, see if, at the same variac 
 position, you get an arc.  If so, move the grounded rod further away and 
 do this until you are satisfied you have the longest spark at a given 
 setting.  Rarely will more than one turn "out" from "instrument tune" be 
 Richard Hull, TCBOR


I find the best tune on the primary in a similar manner.  Because it is
difficult to get back to the same spot on the variac every time, I set the
current limit on the pig to the lowest setting then open the variac up all
the way for each test.

Ed Sonderman