Puncture voltage

Quoting Jorge <al263636-at-sal.itesm.mx.pupman-dot-com>:

> i live in a small town and theres nowhere i can  get the poly 
> to build the caps, so instead i used 1/8" window  glass

Another thought: you can buy heavy-duty poly bags in most grocery
stores. Gallon ziplock freezer type bags are about 3 mils thick.
With the tops trimmed off you can use these bags to assemble a
plastic/foil/oil cap that will fit nicely into a small plastic
trash can or five gallon plastic bucket. With enough stacks in
series you can easily achieve a 10-15 KVAC Tesla rated capacitor.
The materials for these caps are not expensive, but they do
require many hours of assembly time.

I am sure Richard Hull could fill you in with details on a
similar cap built by TCBOR member Bill R.. You might want to 
think about this design to replace your glass plate capacitor on
your next cap project.

Richard Quick

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