Quoting Bob Schumann <tesla-at-america-dot-com>:

> here are my coil's specs:
> 9kv-at-30ma neon transformer.
> .01uf -at- 15kvdc cap (wimpy studs; probably made to be a 

> If I use only 5 gaps (6 tubes), I get not the longest
> spark but it is smooth and fluidy. When I bring a
> grounded screwdriver to the torroid I get an evenly
> illuminated arc. When I employ the last gap (6 gaps), I get 
> sparks of considerable longer distance but the sparks look
> and sounds very raspy, not smooth and not fluidy.

I would bet that the changes you note are simply a matter of the
transformer being just a bit small to match perfectly with the 
capacitor value. Typically when the xfmr is bit small things run
pretty smooth if the gap is kept closed down. If the gap is
opened up then the coil starts to run a little rough and eratic.

Richard Quick

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