Re: New Coil

We tried using a multiple spark gap made from 5 1" pieces of copper pipe.  Spark length went from 2'+ to a max 
of about 6".  Is this because it is not quenched?  Any ideas would be appreciated.


> Announcing the birth of a new coil. The 6" dia secondary, neon coil was brought
> to life Monday night the 19th of August around 8pm. It took about 30 mins to
> connect and get tuned to throw 32 inch arcs.
> Details of coil are:
>         60ma neon transformer
>         dead air arc gap (sealed in plexiglass)
>         home built cap (with help from Chip)
>         6 inch (around 1000 turns) secondary
>         1/4 inch cu 11 turn primary (we found that 8 turns looked the best)
> spaced          5/8" on centers
>         4' duct toroid soldered between steel pie plates
>         one 8 foot cu covered ground rod
> Dave Burman and Ric Kucharyson