Re: Coil Design

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>Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 13:13:46 -0400
>From: SSNSanders-at-aol-dot-com
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>Subject: Coil Design

>The most recent tesla news letter had a design using 2 inductorss wound with
>30 turns of wire each and it was stated that the neon would last longer with
>this design. It was 50 turns of # 30 each. The spark gap was parallel to the
>xformer and the cap was in series with the primary, Will this design work as
>stated?. Also I have 2 chokes valued -at-4700uh, Will they be sufficient for a
>BTC3 type coil using the plans with only minor changes in design? If theese
>chokes are a value that will work in tesla work Ive found a cash of them for
>5.00 each.     Stephen.


I firmly believe that placing the spark gap across the transformer is 
better, because when you have maximum RF happening, the arc closure 
is protecting your transformer.  Placing the capacitor across your 
transformer impresses the maximum RF voltage developed across your 
open transformer windings, sounds like an invitation to disaster to 

I employ air core RF inductors about 50 times that value (4700 uH) in my neon, 
and furnace ignition transformer powered TC projects and have lost no 
transformers while using them.  I also build them to sell and I guess they must
be a bargain (50 times the inductance at only 7 times your price).

My personal opinion is that 4.7 mH is far too low to be effective in 
saving neon transformers.

For what it's worth, rwstephens