RF Interference : HELP

Quoting Graham Armitage <armitage-at-tiac-dot-net>:

> Thanks for the info. I definitely have something wrong don't 
> I???

> The coil I am running is as follows. 

> 8" coil form - 1036 turns (28") #22 enameled wire.
> 11 turn 3/8" copper tubing primary
> 3 - 0.01 (0.03uF total) capacitors - homemade coiled 
> LDPE/flashing
> 4 - 15kV, 30mA (1.8kW) neon sign transformers
> Air quenched cylindrical spark gap.
> 6" x 20" toroid

> This puts out 5 foot hot white sparks... 

> Could the RF ground be too feeble for this amount of power?

It would be a place to start looking. You can wind a simple
resonate pickup coil and measure the relative amounts and
locations of RF current on the cage, ground path, water pipe, 60
cycle neutral wire, etc.. Before you do that you can probe around
with a simple fluorescent tube and detect major RF leakage from
your ground path.

A heavier ground never hurts.

Richard Quick

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