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> Subject: Coil Design
> The most recent tesla news letter had a design using 2 inductorss wound with
> 30 turns of wire each and it was stated that the neon would last longer with
> this design. It was 50 turns of # 30 each. The spark gap was parallel to the
> xformer and the cap was in series with the primary, Will this design work as
> stated?. Also I have 2 chokes valued -at-4700uh, Will they be sufficient for a
> BTC3 type coil using the plans with only minor changes in design? If theese
> chokes are a value that will work in tesla work Ive found a cash of them for
> 5.00 each.     Stephen.


As long as they can withstand the high inter-turn RF voltage. Unless
constructed as a single layer winding or as one or more very thin
"pancakes", RF chokes in this application will flashover in a very nice
(but destructive) lightning display. Sounds like they may be inexpensive
enough to try via the "smoke test"...

Safe coilin' to ya!

-- Bert --