Tesla Coils in art

Hi All, I hope this isn't horribly off topic,but, I'm trying to render a
realistic coil for arts sake.
Been lurking here to try to get some ideas as to proportions,materials,etc.
Unfortunately?,I'm now in possession of a 15kv 60ma neon ,oh no here I go.I
can feel the bug.
Any way to my questions, what I've rendered so far is a coil with a 12" dia.
x 40" len. sec. wound 36" 
with 19 ga..
The primary is a saucer , 11 turns of .5" copper tubing (I think you guys
would go for a flat spiral here but hey this is art!).
The toroid is 20" x 4".
I've yet to render convincing streamers ... its not in tune yet!
Well, am I in the ballpark (except for the saucer)?
Gifs available for criticism.
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