toroid parts...

Hi all,

Recently I was in the Newark, New Jersey airport (USA), and I saw a really
amazing thing: (don't laugh now ;)

All of the trash cans in the entire terminal are topped with really nice,
spun aluminum toroids. All anyone would have to do is cut the toroid off the
top of the can, attach a center-disk, and that would be it, no problem.
There seemed to be two sizes: (esimating from memory) 5 or 6 inches by 24
inches, and 8 inches by 36 inches. And being mass-produced trash cans, they
can't cost *too* much, but I had little inclination to try and find out
where they buy their trash cans during a half-hour lay-over. ;) I only
mention it because someone might find the company that makes them, and if
they're already set up for that type of spinning...

Also, I was at our local Home Depot do-it-yourself store, (Columbia, South
Carolina) and noticed that they had aluminum ducting, like the type one
would use for a clothes-dryer exhaust conduit, from 4 inches in diameter, in
2 inch increments, up to 10 inches in diameter! And none of the conduit was
expensive. However, the material is easily dentable and requires care in
handling. I figured if I was going to buy say, 3 of each size amd make
toroids of varying diameters, I might go ahead and fill each one with
polyurethane packing foam, the kind that sprays from a can and expands to
fill the packing space. (After the toriod is completed of course) The foam
wouldn't provide *that* much more support, but some is better than none.

Dan  <ntesla1-at-vm.sc.edu>