Re: Magnetization of Toroid

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> 8/3/96
> You wrote: 
> >You always take your helment off when sighting through a lensatic 
> compass
> >because metal will pull the needle. Try it with any piece of metal 
> that is
> >magnetic, lay a piece on a table and approach it with a compass. If 
> north is
> >behind you and you are walking south towards the metal as you get 
> close the
> >needle will swing 180 degrees toward the metal and away from magnetic 
> north.
> >It seems like a piece of steel or iron acts as an amp for the earths 
> field.
> This is all true for a nonmagnetized piece of ferromagnetic material 
> and a compass.  However, an oriented magnetic field seems to be 
> imparted to the toroid by the TC discharge.  It can be "mapped" by 
> moving a compass around the outer diameter of the toroid.  Also, 
> placing and centering the compass in the the center of the toroid 
> definitely aligns it to the magnetic field imparted to the toroid.  The 
> field in the toroid has two magnetic poles by this method.  The 
> interesting part is that the orientation of this field can be changed 
> somewhat by firing the coil with the toroid in a different position in 
> reference to the coil.
> Questions are.  Does a TC RF field impart an oriented field magnetic 
> field on a ferromagnetic toroid?  Would a DC TC discharge impart an 
> oriented field magnetic field on a ferromagnetic toroid?  Do 
> surrounding environmental EM fields influence TC discharges?
> snip
What is a DC TC? Even a single shot must cause 'ringing' in the
secondary, or am I thinking wrong? I thought the secondary voltage
had to build up  while the primary 'rings' down.
Dave Huffman