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> > At the time a discharge is initiated, the terminal has some
> > arbitrary polarity. In effect you could look on it as having a large
> > DC charge even though this is a momentary state of affairs.
> > Make sense?
> >
> > Malcolm
> Malcolm
> Let's assume a positive polarity at the "first" discharge. An ion cloud
> forms. Does it have polarity? What if the next pulse arrives and the
> leading cycle is negative. Does the toroid have to be recharged in the
> opposite direction before a new discharge can take place? What about the
> ion cloud... does it have a charge?
> H'mmmmmmm.
> Skip

Skip, Malcolm

Yu are asking excellent questions which need experiment and careful 
concideration to answer well.

First the word Ion indicates a charged particle so, yes, an ion cloud is 

I have noted that the charge emitted by a Tesla coil (AC Powered) can vary 
from time to time based, I am sure, on the initial pulse's polarity.  A DC 
operated coil should force charging to occur in the same polarity regardless.

At any givien instant in time the toroid, as a piece of metal will follow the 
resoant frequency output of the tesla coil, but the DC charge relative to the 
charged air dielectric may or may not be another matter!  Much detailed work 
remains to be done.  Its just too early for me to heavily cast my opinions in 
one specific direction without more experiment.

The work continues here.

Richard Hull, TCBOR