Re: Rebuilding a neon

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>Date: Mon, 05 Aug 1996 01:27:56 GMT
>From: Jim Fosse <jim.fosse-at-bdt-dot-com>
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>Subject: Re: Rebuilding a neon

>I've torn apart my jefferson and the 'I' portion of the core that the
>primary and secondaries are on will not come out until the 'E' core is
>dismantled lamination by lamination. Part way through delaminating the
>main core, the 'I' will come loose. With a dull knife blade to
>separate the laminations, it doesn't take very long.
>>Also where are the magnetic shunts in this transformer. I don't
>>see anything that looks like a shunt plate.It just seems to be a 2 piece
>The shunts are the pieces of the main core on either side of the
>primary. They are part of the main 'E' core. This 'E' has 2 small legs
>in it.  They are not separate pieces.
>	jim

OK I figured I would have to disassemble the core a layer at 
a time. The location of the shunts had me confused. So if I want
to remove a couple of shunts to boost current slightly do I just saw
a couple off the main core? Or does that not work with this type
of transformer?
Mike Hammer