Re: Puncture voltage

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> >From richard.quick-at-slug-dot-orgSat Aug 24 22:21:08 1996
> Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 21:47:00 GMT
> From: Richard Quick <richard.quick-at-slug-dot-org>
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> Subject: Puncture voltage
> Quoting Jorge <al263636-at-sal.itesm.mx.pupman-dot-com>:
> > i live in a small town and theres nowhere i can  get the poly
> > to build the caps, so instead i used 1/8" window  glass
> Another thought: you can buy heavy-duty poly bags in most grocery
> stores. Gallon ziplock freezer type bags are about 3 mils thick.
> With the tops trimmed off you can use these bags to assemble a
> plastic/foil/oil cap that will fit nicely into a small plastic
> trash can or five gallon plastic bucket. With enough stacks in
> series you can easily achieve a 10-15 KVAC Tesla rated capacitor.
> The materials for these caps are not expensive, but they do
> require many hours of assembly time.
> I am sure Richard Hull could fill you in with details on a
> similar cap built by TCBOR member Bill R.. You might want to
> think about this design to replace your glass plate capacitor on
> your next cap project.
> Richard Quick
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Richard is correct, what the bucket makes up for in cheap is offset by 
the mindlessly tedious hours of repetitious operations involved in the 
assembly.  Bill Richards used 11,000 frezer bags (zip lock) and several 
rolls of reynolds wrap to make a 70 lb .03 ufd capacitor.  It yet 
survives 15KV input voltages. Many hundreds of baggies and foil plates 
are carefully wrapped, stacked and connections made to form a single 
Pack, or high value capacitor of about .3 ufd.  Ten or more packs are 
then hooked in series, placed in the tank, and covered with many quarts 
of mineral oil to make the final unit.  I would never recommend this work 
to anyone!!  It took Bill an estimated 100 hours and $70.00 to make the 
thing!! (note he got the 11,000 baggies surplus for $35.00.  I checked, 
and if bought from the store this cap might cost $300.00!!

Richard Hull, TCBOR