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 Hi Ed, Richard ,Chuck
 Thanks for the info. I definitely have something wrong don't I???
 I have the RF ground only connected to the Tesla base and the Faraday
 shield. I know some people say the shield should be "floating" but I figure
 that defeats the purpose of pulling the radiated voltage to ground?? I start
 getting TV interference just as the spark gap starts to fire and before I
 really truen the variac up so the power input is still low.
 Last night my wife informed me that the house lights were dimming but the
 halogen lamp above  the basement (8" from the shield) was glowing. There
 must be an awesome amount of transmitted energy to get the halogen lamp to
 Part of the Faraday shield is aluminum foil. Is it possible that this is too
 thin and is still transmitting? Or that because it is close to a copper
 water pipe and I am getting some arcing to the pipe?
 The coil I am running is as follows. 
 8" coil form - 1036 turns (28") #22 enameled wire.
 11 turn 3/8" copper tubing primary
 3 - 0.01 (0.03uF total) capacitors - homemade coiled LDPE/flashing
 4 - 15kV, 30mA (1.8kW) neon sign transformers
 Air quenched cylindrical spark gap.
 6" x 20" toroid
 Single line filter between the variac and the neon trannies.
 This puts out 5 foot hot white sparks so I think the tuning is pretty good.
 (photo's on the web page soon!)
 Could the RF ground be too feeble for this amount of power?
 Thanks for your input. I will do some line investigations and see if I can
 isolate the source. 


It sounds like quite an impressive system.  Lots of power.  You still did not
describe your RF ground.  Where do you have the ground on the line filter

Ed Sonderman